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The consumer
I'm a 21 year old girl who enjoys drawing, computers, fantasy, writing and alot of other common stuff like that. Just finished three years in an animal school and moved on to studying for animal sickness care. Don't know if that's the right word. :P

Veteran player of World of Warcraft, even if I'm taking a break from it right now. Also enjoy first shooter games and strategy ones.

When I draw I like to stick to fantasy; especielly dragons but I'm also into learning to draw humans a bit. I got two elfwood accounts where people can check my drawings out and they're linked from my mainpage in Lj. Even my writing is often evolved around fantasy but I also enjoy doing fanfiction of various games or movies I've seen.

I'm a huge X-men fan, mostly only Nightcrawler though as seen everywhere practilly. :P

Also got myself a community for my icons which is frost_realm.

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My icon community!